Elite Defense Institute is the lead provider of authentic and professional self-defense and firearms training in Ketchikan, Alaska, combining top level training with life-saving instruction.



Close Protection & 3rd Party Defense Workshop – May 23rd 

Wildlife & Bear Defense Course – May 25th & 26th  

Weapon Retention Course – June 8-12th 

Stand Strong Women’s SD Workshop – July 21st



We hope to be your FIRST choice in self-defense & firearms training. 

E.D.I Reviews

“I recently received Israeli Tactical Shooting training from Mr. Shultz. This was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in a self-defense training workshop. ” -Mark Instance

“Awesome class! Great instructor, both patient and firm in balanced portions, and very knowledgeable.” -Josh Kolean

“The motto for EDI “leadership by example” is perfect. Because the leadership was outstanding. ” -Kim Kirby

“An instructor who excels at imparting the knowledge he has on martial arts and self-defense.” -Eric Johnson

“Welcoming to all. The highly skilled instructors know how to create a great class for all who attend….from the beginner to the more experienced.” -Carlen Williams

“I have always been impressed with Instructor Clint’s passion for martial arts. There have been many times I have enjoyed watching this passion radiate through the entire class. He is a talented teacher, and has the knowledge and depth to engage experienced martial artists, and the patience to work with beginners.” -Chris Baldwin