Expandable Baton Workshop – April 25th

Alaska Conceal Carry Course – May 17-19th    

Our Expertise:

Self Defense Training: Israeli Krav Maga & HTAI Arnis 
Firearms Training: Handgun, Shotgun, Long Rifle
Alaska Conceal Carry Course
Active Shooter Response Training
Women Defense Programs
Church Security Training
Edge/Impact Defense

Our Motto: 

ductus exemplo ~ Leadership by Example

Our Training Approach:

EDI rewards serious students, who are willing to keep an open mind to new and evolving training tactics.

Whether you are a situational aware citizen, law enforcement, military, or security, our training specializes in providing you with street and battle proven material from the Filipino Fighting Arts & the Elite Units of the Israeli Military.  

Our Mission Statement:

EDI strives to provide the highest level of no nonsense approach to its methodology in teaching tactics, techniques, and developed procedures for defensive tactics whether on the street, in a office, or in combat. 

Our Mission is to empower you and provide skills and knowledge to protect yourself, your loved ones, your organization, and your future. 

All weekly training courses, as well as specialized and custom trainings are designed to meet and exceed the industry standard.   

We hope to be your FIRST choice in private and corporate defense training. 

E.D.I Reviews

“I recently received Israeli Tactical Shooting training from Mr. Shultz. This was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in a self-defense training workshop. ” -Mark Instance

“Awesome class! Great instructor, both patient and firm in balanced portions, and very knowledgeable.” -Josh Kolean

“The motto for EDI “leadership by example” is perfect. Because the leadership was outstanding. ” -Kim Kirby

“An instructor who excels at imparting the knowledge he has on martial arts and self-defense.” -Eric Johnson

“Welcoming to all. The highly skilled instructors know how to create a great class for all who attend….from the beginner to the more experienced.” -Carlen Williams

“I have always been impressed with Instructor Clint’s passion for martial arts. There have been many times I have enjoyed watching this passion radiate through the entire class. He is a talented teacher, and has the knowledge and depth to engage experienced martial artists, and the patience to work with beginners.” -Chris Baldwin