5 Most Common Attacks Against Women #1

5 most common attacks that women face and some tools that can keep you safe.

This week #1
Front choke against a wall

An attacker uses this attack for one of two reasons. First, is rage. A interaction may start out as a conversation and quickly escalate into violence. The attacker will move quickly and although they may not intend to end the life of the victim, this attack can quickly make the woman become unconscious or loss of life.

Second reason is for domination. An attacker especially a man will use this attack to show his dominance over the woman and to literally illustrate how her life is in his hands. Although the attacker may be in more control than in rage, it is easy for the attacker to move from dominance to rage quickly if their needs or reaction is not being met.

Defense Against Front Choke Against the Wall: First, be aware of your surroundings and position within your environment. There is often a lead up to this attack, so it is important to position yourself away from a wall, and move to an exit or center of the room. The fastest way to remove an attackers hands from your neck is to react quickly and with violent response. Aiming for the eyes, throat, and groin will give a flinch reaction to the attacker and may give time for the woman to escape.

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