Clint Shultz, Founder & Chief Instructor

Clint served as a Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps, specializing in Search and Rescue and Crash Fire Rescue. During his enlistment he spent time working with base security and security transport as the Sgt. of Arms, as well as numerous jobs in the public sector in security and close protection detail. Since his departure from the USMC, he has achieved a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts, and a Master’s Degree in Education. Clint is currently the Chief training instructor for Elite Defense Institute & Captain of Operations for 49th State Security, which specialized in Force/Close Protection, security & client safety. He has also worked directly with multiple state and local agencies for security and close protection detail, as well as a guest instructor for State LEO & First Responders defensive tactics & emergency awareness response.


  • Israeli Krav Maga Instructor
  • Israeli Knife Fighting Instructor
  • Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor (Handgun, AR15, and Tactical Shotgun)
  • Military D/T Instructor
  • Law Enforcement D/T Active Shooter Response Instructor
  • Law Enforcement D/T Non Lethal Instructor (OC Spray, Taser, Baton, and Restraints) 
  • Advanced Instructor (Guro/Black Belt) Hufana Traditional Arnis International~HTAI Defense System
  • Vector Shield Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Alaska State Certified Conceal Carry Instructor
  • Rokudan (6th Degree) Black Belt American Bushido Kai Karate 
  • A.B.K.A. Kobudo Instructor


  • Home & Street Defense
  • Edge/Impact Weapon Defense
  • Close Protection Specialist
  • Elite Security Consulting 
  • Active Shooter Training and Preparedness 


  • Brazil – 2017
  • USA – 2016
  • Philippines – 2015
  • Africa – 2008


*Currently the Chief Training Officer and Tactical Response Team instructor for 49th State Security – Click HERE for more information about them.





We look forward to training with YOU! (Phil. 4:13)