Close Protection

EDI offers a no nonsense approach to Close Protection Training.

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” -~Archiochos

EDI Professional Program for Close Protection and Bodyguard Training

Close Protection & Security

Highly intensive close protection course, for people operating in high risk zones or bodyguards wishing to improve their operational capabilities.

EDI offers a customized individual or group training program that ensures the development of a professional Close Protection Agent. This course will teach the important concepts and techniques needed for close protection work. Course Training includes:

  • Terror in the world
  • Kidnapping and Hostage Prevention
  • Security Methods
  • Krav Maga Close range combat 
  • Rescue, evacuation and extrication from fire and smoke
  • Use of body language as a tool for diagnosing suspicious behavior
  • Formations for Protecting the VIP while walking, driving, staying in his residence or participating in events
  • Crowd screening and questioning possible threats
  • Team work
  • Operational tactical firearms 
  • Emergency and operational driving
  • Combat Shooting in various environments (vehicle, indoor, outdoor etc).
  • Force on Force scenarios for single and team operators
  • And more..

Training can be conducted in Alaska or on-site any where in the world at the client’s facilities. (Where local laws and regulations allow)

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