Conceal Carry Course


This 1 day concealed carry course covers the 12-hour requirement by the State of Alaska. The focus of this course concentrates on the laws of Alaska and understanding the legal systems and the areas where the CCH can and cannot carry their firearm. We will cover a review of basic marksmanship skills and basic gun handling skills when firing a handgun, both double action revolver as well as the semi-auto pistol system. 

This course will cover a wide range of defensive and tactical applications along with high stress mental awareness while handling and operating your weapon system. A local Alaska Attorney will also be present to discuss and cover material on lethal force, liabilities, and local/state laws for CCH. At the end of the course there will be a written test with 30 Q&A with multiple choice and true/false, as well as a live fire qualification the last day. 

The qualification is a 30 round drill. Starting from the 3 yard line, the 7 yard line and 15 yard line distances. There is a total possible score of 30 points with a passing score being a minimum of 21 (70%) and higher.


  • -Good attitude.
  • -Completed Application for Training.
  • -Minimum of 21 years of age.
  • -Any caliber handgun (recommend qualification with your daily carry handgun)
  • -Hip-holster/magazine pouch/magazines or speed reloaders and sturdy belt.
  • -Nominal 100 rounds of ammo.
  • -Appropriate clothing.
  • -Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc.
  • -Safety glasses & hearing protection. 

Course Cost: $150 (Prepay Required)


All bookings are on first come first serve basis. This course is non-refundable, but can be transferred to any other upcoming course. All ammunition/firearms/range fees are the responsibility of the participant. Students are required to attend all parts of the 12 hour course and pass both the written as well as the firearm qualification (unless prearranged with Elite Defense Institute.)

*State application, photo, and fingerprint cost are the responsibility of the individual taking CCW course.

Contact us for more information or call Clint @ 907.617.3038

Upcoming course: February 15th / 8-8pm / Preregistration is required (Office # 907.225.4920)

Location: Plaza, second floor above Bernies (49th State Security Home Office)

For more information about the Alaska Conceal Carry Requirements – HERE.

Alaska State Conceal Carry Application – HERE

Alaska State Conceal Carry Renewal Form – HERE

Alaska NICS Exempt Stamp Form – HERE


“I have taken concealed carry courses in 5 states, Clint’s is the best by far!” -Jon

“I highly recommend attending any course Clint is willing to offer. Clint’s knowledge and professionalism was spot on and impressive. I had a great time look and forward to attending more of Clint’s classes in the near future.” -Giovana

“Awesome course. Clint is a great instructor! Really learned a lot.” -Reagan

“The class was great! Course was really well rounded and had a ton of great information!” -Jeff