Basic Principles for Survival

The basic principles of survival form in essence a pyramid for the survivor. Although each situation will dictate the initial physical effort of the individual, survival in its essence is above all mental resolve. It is engrained and some might even say programed in each human the “Will to SURVIVE.” 

Will to Survive

Our will to survive is our foundational ability to live. Although a survival situation may demand great physical exertion, it will be our mental ability that often dictates our ability to survive a life threatening situation. The Will to SURVIVE in essence means “Not giving up” to “Never Quit.” History has shown us that man can survive almost every situation, often the difference is determined by our WILL. When we apply our basic survival principles in a situation and our determined to survive we greatly increase our ability to live.

What drives our WILL to live? Whether it’s our faith, families, or our responsibility, man will always dig deep and find a reason to keep pressing forward, no matter circumstance, the situation, or the unlikely hood of survival. By reading and experiencing the survival stories of our past can provide us with confidence as well as knowledge of future circumstances. 

Knowledge & Confidence

Next we build upon our foundation of our Will to Survive by focusing our intention upon our knowledge & confidence to sustain ourselves. What we have experienced, lived, and have learned drives our knowledge and increases our confidence in a survival situation. Our pre planning and early preparation greatly increases our ability and understanding of the region or situation we may experience. By continuing to increase our knowledge and experience in the field, we can be rest assured that our probability and likelihood of survival increases dramatically. 


Our equipment sits on top of our basic survival pyramid. Each situation or unknown circumstance may require essential equipment that will provide essential opportunity for survival. This equipment are simply tools for the survivalist and under dire situations can mean the difference between survival and rescue or death. It is important that each item serves as a distinct and important tool that can be properly and effectively used or improvised if the situation dictates. 

*Please note: It is essential that each individual use their own judgement in the application of methods designed at survival. 

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