Bushcraft & Tracking

Bushcraft & Tracking Series

Elite Defense Institute is proud to present our Bushcraft & Tracking series, located in Southeast, Alaska. These skills can prepare you to survive in the wilderness or urban environment. We have partnered with local experts in this field FeralForest and we look forward to providing this life saving skills to our community & State.

Topics Include:

  • The Art of Fire Making
  • Shelter Building for Survival
  • Water Collection & Purification
  • Tracking Human vs. Animal
  • Cold Water Benefits & Training
  • Predator Defense & Survival
  • Food & Medicine Gathering
  • Emergency Fishing & Trapping
  • Hide Tanning
  • And so much more

Course Schedule

Private and Group training available. Please contact us directly to set up a workshop or skill building course. 907.617.3038