Hufana Traditional Arnis


Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) also known as ARNIS, KALI and ESKRIMA are forms of combative and street-fighting systems and methods that employ:

  • Impact weapons (stick-fighting),
  • Edged weapons (knife defense & tactics)
  • Empty hands (Filipino boxing and Filipino ground fighting

The Filipino Martial Arts is a complete system of self-defense, fighting and combat for defense, survival and preservation of life.

HTAI Arnis is founded by Punong Guro Hufana. PG Hufana has over 45 years of training experience, with 26+ years teaching seminars, workshops, self-defense courses, Law Enforcement DT, and Knife Training to US Special Forces. Guro Clint Shultz (Lakan) represents the HTAI System here in Alaska.

“When in doubt, STRIKE!” -PG Hufana

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Location: 3225 Fairview Avenue (First Assembly of God Church)


Wednesday……….6:15-7:15 pm

Alaska Representative for HTAI – Click HERE for more info