Israeli Knife Fighting



This 1-2 day course is a no-nonsense approach to edge weapon use and defense. The course will go right into the dynamics of edge weapon foundations, while using angles and movement to create a dominant position for countering or escaping an assault or physical attack. Students will move smoothly from foundation work into force on force application in a controlled environment. 

Israeli Knife Fighting Training will cover:

  • Effectiveness of an edge weapon as a life saving tool
  • Strategies and tactics for engaging and defending an edge weapon attack
  • Foundation (grip and stance)
  • Footwork, movement, and angles
  • Carry & deployment methods
  • Angles of attack & counter
  • Clinch from vertical and horizontal 
  • Stalemate position from the vertical and horizontal 
  • Force on force simulations
  • and much more

All techniques are simple and efficient. This is a physically active course that requires students to actively participate while standing, moving, and grappling for extended periods of time. There will be plenty of breaks and opportunities for questions throughout the course.