Real Estate Awareness Safety TIPS

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Real Estate Awareness Safety Tips

-Unless you have self-defense training, it is important to realize that you most likely lack personal safety knowledge.  

-Real Estate agents are looked at as soft targets or easy opportunities. Do to the nature of your meetings, online information, and personal dress it is easy for a threat to have in depth background knowledge of an agent, and often plan out assaults, robberies, or even abductions.  (Careful what you put online, how you dress, and the personal information you give)

-Every real estate agent should avoid thinking they will call 911 or download a safety app on their smart phone. No matter what you do, you will have to physically deal with an attacker for 5 to 15 minutes while the police are dispatched.  This assumes you are able to access your phone and dial 911. Under high stress an agent will need 40-50 feet between attacker to access phone and dial 911.

-It is careful for agents to never identify themselves as being alone, perception of bringing a partner, husband, or friend is enough to deviate a planned attack. In criminals this can change everything. If possible, especially for anyone who causes any red flags, traveling with a partner is key.

-Always insist that your client walks in first, you should also arrive early to unlock the door. Always step aside and allow the client to go in first. Many people are attacked near doors in buildings and by cars because criminals know you will be pre-occupied with the lock. If you walk in front of someone it’s easy for your would-be assailant to lock the door and proceed with the attack.

-Upon making contact with your client you can call in to identify to your office that the client has arrived and that you will be showcasing the house. Another option is to take a picture of the vehicle as it arrives, or collect and make a copy of a driver’s license at the office before agreeing to showcase a house. It’s also important to remember, good people will not mind you doing this as they have no premeditated intent (plan).

-It is important to know that if your spidey senses are telling you something is wrong it is important to listen to them. This might require making a phone call and staying on the phone. It is better to be proactive to a situation if your instincts are telling you something is wrong. Understand your awareness levels: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black

-Be cautious to take advice from would be martial artists or those who have no real world experience. This could be techniques or myths that have no real value.

-Agents are at high risk from possible abduction. Learning anti-abduction techniques is vital.

Key Concepts for Anti-abduction

-Don’t allow yourself to be taken anywhere, especially into another vehicle or bring the attacker into your vehicle.

-If the decision is between fighting and going: FIGHT

-Be cautious of individuals in uniforms especially like Law Enforcement. If you have a question call it in and verify.

-Don’t turn your back on the subject

-If they arrive with more than the expected number of people, this is a sign that trouble might not be far behind.  

-Finally, the best way to fine tune your personal safety is to train. Find a legit instructor and learn skills that fit you and if you carry a self-defense tool get specialized training.

**Remember: There are individuals who prey on others for a living, and will plan out and execute these attacks on others for no reason other than to satisfy an inner reward to projecting strength on others.

**Remember this motto: It is better to have the training and to never need it then to be in a situation and need it and not have it. Your safety is priority!

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