Tomahawk Fighting System


Learn the effective techniques of the Tomahawk & Ax. Whether you are traveling in the outdoors or in need of a self-defense tool. The Tomahawk Fighting System techniques transition into every day tools like the hammer or pry bar. 

Course Topics Include:

  • History of the Tomahawk
  • Basic Grip
  • Stances & Movement
  • Angles of Attack
  • Blocking
  • Trapping Techniques
  • Counters
  • Takedowns
  • Tomahawk and knife
  • and much more

The Tomahawk or ax can be described as a uniquely American weapon, & has been used in some capacity whether as a working tool or a defensive tool in every armed conflict in our nation’s history. This workshop will explore the versatility of the Tomahawk both as a impact tool and as a stand alone weapon. We will explore the origins and history of this effective and multi use tool as well as modern day applications. 

Private and Group training available. Please contact us directly to set up a workshop or training session. 907.617.3038