Vector Shields


Covers all Upper Body Hydraulics

Protects the Head, Neck & Chest.

Allows for Maximum Ballistic Protection Between Helmet and Body Armor

The Vector Shield is a Close Protection, light weight ballistic shield designed by a United States Army Green Beret. It prevents gunshot wounds, knife attacks, explosive blasts and projectile impacts to the upper body. The Vector Shield is a defensive tool and defends against all multi-hit hand gun and rifle fire to include 7.62 and 5.56 (Green Tips) at close range.

It will defeat knife and machete attacks, needle sticks, physical assaults and dog bites. It can perform blast mitigation and defeat bat, brick and other projectiles keeping both law enforcement and civilians safe.

Contact us for a free demonstration of this life saving ballistic shield. We service law enforcement, military, and security agencies only.

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