Wildlife & Bear Defense

This course is designed specifically for those who are either working in the bush of Alaska or are outdoor enthusiasts that plan on spending time in bear country. EDI considers the shotgun to be one of the most effective tools against the unlikely event of a hostile bear defense scenario. It is advisable that anyone who carries a firearm specifically a shotgun for bear defense is qualified, ready, and capable of defending themselves and others in their group.

Topics Include:

  • Legal Issues
  • Use of force
  • Wildlife awareness
  • De-escalation and retreat
  • Shotgun training safety.
  • Principals of personal defense.
  • Deployment methodology and concepts.
  • Use of the shotgun for wildlife defense.
  • Mental conditioning and combat mindset.
  • Combat fundamentals of shooting the shotgun.
  • The natural action stance.
  • Quick Loading / unloading the shotgun.
  • Presentation from low ready, high ready, indoor ready positions.
  • Combat gun-handling skills.
  • Moving off the line of force.
  • Threat assessment and area scanning.
  • Ammunition management and tactical reloading techniques.
  • Transition to secondary weapon system.
  • Malfunction clearance drills.
  • Multiple threat engagement.
  • Engaging threats during continuous movement.
  • Introduction to tactical speed shooting concepts.
  • Weapon retention issues.
  • Stress training
  • Barricade and Obstacle Shooting


  • -Good attitude.
  • -Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • -Shotgun Pump/Semi automatic (12 or 20 guage)
  • -2 Point Sling
  • -Side Saddle (Preferred, but not required)
  • -Nominal 100 rounds of ammo (75 rounds bird shot, 15 rounds 00 buck, 10 rounds slug).
  • -Appropriate clothing.
  • -Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc.
  • -Safety glasses & hearing protection. 

Course Cost: $100 (Prepay Required)

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